Detroit Skyline Editorial

This originally was just a stand alone vector image but I wanted to show the uses that this vector can have. I decided to use the subject matter of the vector to design items that would help build the vector as a brand or as a marketing tool. The vector was animated to bring it to life as an advertisement for Detroit that would be displayed as a small pop up ad on sides of website. I then also decided to show that the vector can be used as an editorial based on Detroit. I think both of these work well because they show multiple uses of a vector and how it can be applied to different mediums to create a campaign based around it. Being from Windsor one of my favourite places is the view of the Detroit skyline from the Canadian side of the river, especially at night. It is one thing that you can’t find anywhere else. I think it is a unique part of being a border city and this view reminds me of home.

  • DATE
    January 28, 2018
    Graphic Illustration, Design & Layout, Animation