Babe’s Sports Bar and Grill

Babe’s was originally called Nick’s Bakery & Deli, as part of a school project. I felt I could take this a step further and rework the assignment to be a restaurant instead. Each item on both the food menu and drink menu have a baseball term or position as its name. Everything down to the Bars slogan has a little inside joke about baseball inside of it. The restaurant’s colours are based on the Boston Red Soxs, which both Babe Ruth and Randy Thompson played for! The logo has a vintage baseball feel to it with its crest style. The top of the food menu cards are meant to feel like an old school ticket. The bar has a bit of old school mixed in with a bit of new school design concepts. The menu being called the playbook is yet another way baseball is incorporated into the branding of the whole restaurant! Both of the fonts used in the logo are incorporated in the rest of the branding because it was used to keep the brand on theme. The font for ‘Babe’s’ was modified because it needed a few tweaks to make the logo pop!

(Babe’s is not a real restaurant. It’s only a concept.)

    Babe’s was opened in 2012 by Randy Thompson. Thompson is a former professional baseball player. As a child Randy’s favourite player was Babe Ruth. Randy’s first love is baseball. After he underwent Tommy Johns surgery he was unable to pitch, so he decided to take a ‘swing’ at his second love, cooking. On and off the field Randy puts 100% into everything he does which is why this bar is a success! The former Red Sox player’s nickname was Chef. Now he is one! Randy wants everyone who dines in his restaurant/bar to feel like they are at a ballpark watching the game with friends, enjoying good drinks and great food! Leave your rivalries at the door and enjoy!
    January 28, 2018
    Branding, and Design & Layout